Stuff WE'RE Into

Lager. Last Minute Goals. Coats. Petch’s Pies. New Order. More Lager. O'Connell's. Proper Mag. Five Foot Four Brazilians. Trainers. Auf Wiedersehen, Pet. De La Soul. Ska. FMTTM. Al Pacino. Scampi Fries. George Friend's Hair. Talking Heads. Gomorrah. Bruce Rioch. The Pig Iron. Rain. Zidane's Headbutt. Bob Mortimer. All Day Breakfasts. Dogs on Pitches. Bovril. Sid James. The Sopranos. Pork Scratchings. Robert De Niro's Coat in Taxi Driver. Joe Strummer. Narcos. Club Bongo International. Kes. The Good Food Joint. Terry Hall. Bernie Slaven's Wedge Cut.  Boys from the Blackstuff. Floodlights. Viz.